Poor Clare Nuns Pay a Visit to St. Thomas More

The Capuchin Poor Clare nuns address Miss Mullen's religion class.

On Wednesday, March 28, 2012, Franciscan Capuchin Poor Clares nuns visited several STMA classrooms to talk about their way of life, their good works and their contemplative mission.  These nuns live a cloistered life; their monastery — the St. Veronica Giuliani Monastery — is in Wilmington, Del.

The sisters came to our school shortly after the end of Wednesday’s school Mass; they were accompanied by Fr. Carlos Ochoa of Holy Cross Parish. The sisters were given a tour of the building. Following that tour, they visited the classrooms of Miss McMullen, Mr. Freud and Señora Emelia. They spoke to the students about their life as cloistered nuns. They told the students that in addition to prayer and community life, a large part of their work is found in preparing food and meals that feed the poor. They then spoke about their life of prayer, poverty, chastity and obedience. The sisters told students that they should always be listening to hear God’s call in their life – a call that might lead one to religious life.

The sisters remained with us through the lunch period and then departed to visit Holy Cross School in Dover, Del. This was a visit that will be well remembered by our students.

The Capuchin Poor Clare Nuns join STMA students in the refectory for lunch.

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